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The NEW third season of GamePlay begins in September 2022


9/3 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog has been Sega’s spiky-haired, fleet-footed blue mascot since 1991, with titles full of catchy melodies and irresistible grooves!

9/10 Ni No Kuni This week, we'll explore Joe Hisaishi's music for games in the Ni no Kuni series, where he brings fantasy worlds to life through his trademark melodies and rich orchestration.

9/17 Wild West  This week, we’ll saddle up and explore videogame soundtracks that evoke the Wild West from titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, Outlaws, West of Loathing and more.

9/24 Elden Ring  Come along on a musical journey through the fantasy epic Elden Ring, massive in every way, from its sprawling world overflowing with detail to the dark grandeur of its original soundtrack.

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