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The history of classical music in video games on GamePlay, Sat 10/28 @ 11am and 7pm

10/7 YS The influential YS series of action role-playing games is known for its music, full of wonderful melodies and thrilling rock showpieces.

10/14 Jazz II  Videogame music is full of standards: tunes that have become a part of our culture, and this week we will see how jazz artists reimagine these tunes.

10/21 Pokemon This week, we’ll enjoy the music of the world’s favorite Pocket Monsters: Pokemon! The original titles are full of melodies that bring the collectible critters and their world to life.

10/28 Classical Music II Classical music has been used on videogame soundtracks throughout their history.

A Super Mario toy figure - Cláudio Luiz Castro
A Super Mario toy figure - Cláudio Luiz Castro

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